David Lester

About the Teacher

David Lester joins us with a deep and broad knowledge of all styles of music, from jazz to rock to classical, from performing to composing and arranging. He started playing the drums in 1999, shortly followed by guitar, bass guitar, and then double bass; his formal education culminated in a B.A. in Music History & Literature from Hood College. He has been gigging as a professional bassist for over a decade in a multitude of jazz, rock, and classical ensembles. 

David began teaching private lessons in the fall of 2006, and has experience with all age groups and skill levels. He teaches to each student’s style of learning and thinking, approaching each lesson from a place of complete respect for the students. He strives to make lessons relevant and personal for every student, so that they truly connect to what is being taught, rather than simply learning facts and assimilating information.

As a multi-instrumentalist, David is able to give students a real context for their instrument by accompanying them. Students learn how to make music with others, and how to work in an ensemble. To him, there is little else more rewarding than imparting the joy and passion of music to students.

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